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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This easy craft will look adorable sitting on your sink or as a gift!



A cup or pint sized mason jar with the lid and a disposable bottle of liquid hand soap is all you need for this project that literally only takes minutes to complete.



I started the center hole with a nail, then used an old fashioned can/bottle opener (sometimes called a church key) to start turning in the center, then went to the pliers.  Make sure to keep it even and try to put the pump in from time to time so you can see where you need to adjust the hole and how it fits.  You don’t want the hole too big either.



Once the hole was completed, I hammered down the edges.  They are very sharp so be careful!  A little hot glue on the underside of the pump before you slide it in place and you’re done!

I prefer the bottles of foaming handwash.  You use less soap that way, which is great when you have kids and frugal too.  I buy the bottles of “smell nice” soaps at Bed, Bath & Beyond when they go on sale for $1 a bottle.

Just fill the jar about 1/5th of the way with liquid soap and fill the rest with water.  Mix well and that’s it, the pump does the rest.  That $1 bottle will literally last me over a year.