Wake up and pay attention America

I try to keep politics off this page, but it gets to a point that it’s nearly impossible to do. It seems that many of us missed the reporting of the CPAC in 2017 where Trump supporters were waving Russian flags with his name on them. No. I’m not joking. I will post the link at the bottom of this post.

A fellow outraged American posted this response and I have to say it’s incredible and I felt that I needed to help it see the light of day instead of being buried and collecting dust as a response on a thread that will be hard to find in two days.

I want to thank the author for, what I consider to be, the most intelligent, most succinct, factual list of 45’s atrocities as President and the passive approval he receives from his supporters.

Many thanks to Mr. Durwin Bonds and his masterful summation of the last two years with 45 out front.


Maggie ॐ 

The referenced article can be found on HuffPo at http://tinyurl.com/y35gort9


Tell me about yourself

We’ve all seen the posts that go around Facebook asking if you’ve been in an airplane, have tattoos, etc… I like getting to know my online friends better, but they always seem to have the same questions so I decided to write my own! Feel free to share this post or copy & paste into a post ~ Maggie


Do you collect anything now or as a kid?

Music: Singing or just listening?

Can you now or did you used to play an instrument?

What music genres do you like?

Date anyone who made you say “oh hell no”, and run like your ass was on fire?

Your current favorite TV show?

Have you ever cyberstalked anyone?

What movie do you want to see?

Hobbies, Arts & Crafts, what’s your groove?

Where did you go on your last vacation?

Who was the President when you were born?

What did you participate in as a kid?

(Scouting, little league, gymnastics, etc.)

Are you waiting for something to happen?

What is it? Do you have a favorite sports team or athlete?

Will you go to a restaurant alone?

If I handed you $500 to go shopping, what would you buy?

How many cars have you owned?

Can you drive a stick?

What’s the furthest away from home that you’ve been to?

What types of ethnic foods do you like?

What was your worst subject in school?

What kinds “non-supermarket” meat have you eaten?

Have you had any jobs that wasn’t in an office, store, hotel/restaurant/medical/first responder/military?

Do you have any causes that you’re passionate about?

Would you prefer to ride a motorcycle or a horse?

How many US states and/or countries have you been to?

Do you revere any celebrities as mentors?

Are you ticklish? Do you laugh, get angry or cry?

Tea, coffee or both?

Can you eat with chopsticks?

Have you ever…

been to a farm?

gone to a circus?

seen a glacier?

seen a double rainbow?

seen a stage play?

ice or roller skated?

been to an ocean?

been to a historical site?

been to a national park?

found (or been found by) any distant relative?

gone to a casino?

been on a cruise ship or riverboat?

been in a canoe or kayak?

worn formal wear?

volunteered somewhere?

raised money for an organization?

gone camping?

been to a national monument?

seen or walked in a parade?

seen a meteor shower?

accidentally crazy glued your fingers together?

seen an eclipse?

camped in your car?

seen the northern lights?

been in love?

had any unique pets?

seen or been in a natural disaster while it was happening?

called anyone you’re not related to mom or dad?

made your own pizza?

So, now, tell me about yourself!

Copy/paste and just change the answers

or get a clean copy here > https://wp.me/p3Fcxu-BQ

And don’t forget to tag the person you got this from!

Focus please

I love Robert Reich. He reminds me of the America I lived in and was taught to believe in as a kid. Uncle Sam hasn’t been seen or mentioned for a long time. He’s probably in a corner, medicated for severe depression and anxiety.


Talk to you soon,
Maggie ॐ
“Art and Giving are Food for the Soul”

Invisible People Are All Around Us

A poem and a story, neither are made to make you smile, but they will probably make you somewhat uncomfortable which honestly is what leads to change. I keep hoping that more people every day are a bit more uncomfortable, so they’ll look outside their comfort zone to help and affect change.


Hello, my name is Anna and I’m six years old

I live with my mama and papa They can’t always afford to feed me as often as they would like They can’t afford to buy me clothing very often We don’t have a house, but we have shelter sometimes I used to have a brother but he died I love my parents, and I know that love me too They try so very hard We are part of your society a part you either don’t see or won’t see I probably won’t be here very much longer I just wanted to say hello Hello my name is Anna and I’m ten years old My daddy died, Mama says someone shot him Mama has lots of friends, she says that’s how she pays the rent I used to have a brother but he died too, Mama said we couldn’t feed him anymore I worry about my Mama she puts needles in herself But she says” don’t worry baby God is coming for us all” I know that I’m supposed to believe in God and I guess I do I just haven’t seen him in my neighborhood Mama’s calling for me now I have to go make her lunch anyway I just wanted to say hello Hello, my name’s Anna and I’m fifteen. I know what my mama did to raise me, I understand now because I have a daughter now and I call her Anna… I’d do anything to make sure that she has enough food and clothes, but things keep getting in the way. it’s so expensive, and they want so much from me. I love my little girl but sometimes when she cries when she’s hungry I just want to get away… so I do… Hello, My name is Ella or so I’m told, they told me that my Mama named me after my grandma, but I never knew her They tell they she loved me very much but I never knew I should have had a daddy but they never knew
They are closing the home tomorrow because they have no money
I ask where will I go but n body knows

Hello, My name is Ella and I’m 12 years old,
for as long as I can remember I’ve been sold from pimp to pimp for cigarettes or pool wagers or on a whim,
I am chattel, I am worthless. I don’t even care enough to despair

Hello, My name is Ella I’m a corpse under a bridge, I’ve been here for weeks and no one seemed to notice,
I wonder why that is

~ Anonymous

There was a woman I lived with, in the shelter.  Her husband (who at first everyone thought was her father) had a stroke, confined to a wheelchair, had to be fed and changed, unintelligible speak to those unfamiliar.  She didn’t know enough to apply for social security then, they had a young daughter…8 maybe, who would come “home” after school and be her dad’s caretaker until Mom got “home” around midnight, walking both ways because the car they had been living in had been repossessed.

On the way “home” one night she encountered 3 thugs, one of which had been kicked out of the shelter for being an asshole. She was the one who got him bounced out because she asked him to watch his mouth around her daughter and he wouldn’t, got puffy with a guard and he was out for good.  Not a good thing in Colorado in the winter. So here she was, alone, walking “home” and a thug with a vendetta and two buddies decided to drive train on her.

I couldn’t sleep at night back then either so I was awake when she came in late, hair messed up, her uniform was a mess.  We all knew something was wrong. A couple of us, asked her, helped her get cleaned up, we tried telling her to go to the hospital to get checked out and she said she couldn’t because if they admitted her she couldn’t leave her 8-year-old daughter there to take care of her father.  We all offered to help, I even told her that I’d drive her so that everyone wouldn’t be nosy if an ambulance showed up. No, she said, I just need to be with my family right now. She climbed into her bunk between her daughter and her husband and she cried all night. She told him what happened, we could see it in his face when she told him.  He sobbed for 3 days straight

We all chipped in to buy her a new pair of work pants so she could still go to work. They were ripped pretty badly when she was attacked.  By dinner time the next day, the entire shelter knew what happened. The guards let a couple of the guys out so they could walk her home. Lockdown was at 10, lights out at 10:30.  And if you didn’t have a pre-authorized pass signed by your employer, you could have had Jesus himself with you for backup, and you *still* weren’t getting in, but the guards let the guys would go every night to go get her and bring her back.  And the guys all took turns, this way if anyone was watching they’d know that there were more than two guys backing her up.

Sunday night was special.  We all went to Church in Manitou Springs, where they served dinner… real food, not the crap we were used to.  I had a Chevette so I would earn gas money from people to take them places. On Sunday nights it was good because I could get three guys in the backseat plus my boyfriend up front with me.  They all gave me $5 each and gas was 99¢ a gallon (I did it for the ones who went to the plasma center too because they were not up to walking back.)

Anyway, we all were sitting down with our plates…it was loud, happy talk because of a real mean and a change of scenery, dishes, silverware, and glasses all clanking and banging.  The pastor of the church would have everyone bow their heads and he’d say grace then we could eat. Well he said grace, we dug in and a few minutes later you could hear a pin drop.

Those three guys that raped her made the mistake of coming into the Church basement for.  The two guys behind him new their world was going to change when they turned around to leave and there were two guys barring the door.  The leader, I don’t remember his name from 31 years ago, but I remember his face. He was the blackest person I’d ever seen. Skin the color of espresso, the only thing that gave him away in the dark was his teeth and his eyes.  He was wearing a black leather jack and on his shoulder a heavy chain with a metal padlock on it.

The pastor came out and asked what was going on and one of the guys told him.  He looked at those three, grossly outnumbered and said, sorry we’re full and there’s no more to eat, boys will you help him find the way to his car.  The guy spoke up telling the Pastor that he didn’t have a car. So the pastor said God doesn’t care if you have a car or not, he cares about other things.  Boys if you’d see them out to their car, I have to go check on dessert.

They weren’t even out of the basement (double glass doors leading out to the parking lot) when it all took off.  He rolled his shoulder to dropped that chain to put it in his hand it got snatched away from him while his face stopped someone’s fist. The guy who grabbed the chain from him swung it…

I’d never seen a cheekbone and was surprised at just how white it was but that was of course in contrast with the espresso colored skin and the bright red blood that was now going everywhere. The next blast was a right hook that cold-cocked him.  So then he was dragged out into the parking lot and when he came to a couple of minutes later, he was freaking out about how he got there and the amount of blood ( a bit dazed don’t you know) and he got his ass kicked again. They took off as quickly as they could and our guys came back in just as the pastor came out, took one look at them and said “boys, it was very Christian-like for you to help those gentlemen with their car trouble, but you’ve all gotten so dirty, you need to all come in the kitchen and wash up all of you, you need to be presentable for dinner.  I didn’t leave there for another couple of months but that guy was never seen around town ever again to my brief knowledge.

My fibro doesn’t allow me to remember their names, but I really do hope that the couple and their daughter were able to move on and move up. I hope they were given access to the service they needed to survive and with any luck, they were able to get help for all that they had endured.  So why did I offer this tome that rivals War and Peace?

The problem is that these people and me at the time and even now as a disabled person,  is that we are/were invisible. I swear, I would love 10 acres of land, cover it with tiny houses, solar panels on every roof, mandatory recycling, a place in the middle with a laundry room and hot showers (just in case you’re too tall or just fluffy like me), wifi for the community, since nowadays places will only take applications online.  

A community center with a couple of computers for kids to do homework, gather up books for a take a book/leave a book library, the same goes for DVD’s and we would have weekend gatherings so you could get to know your neighbors and know that you’re not alone, you’re not the only person that this has happened to and you have people at your side, on your side, to give you the strength to get up, dust yourself off, and do what it is that will get you moving forward again.   Everyone would be required to pitch in taking care of the community…. emptying trash, raking leaves or cutting grass or shoveling snow, helping someone with a handyman project, etc and with the premise  that this is temporary,  to give you what you need to get your life back together or create a new one and you move up and onward,  and let that tiny house help out the next person or couple in need.

Well if anyone has $150K and can’t think of what to do with it, give me a call.

In the meantime, thanks for listening and please, don’t have invisible people surround you.  Look for them and you’ll see.  Click on one of the links to find out how you can help.

Maggie ॐ
“Art and Giving are Food for the Soul”







Simple Fixes Can Make All The Difference

I’ve got to say, I was damn near having PTSD flashbacks watching this man walk. That’s exactly what shape I was in twenty years ago.  You don’t feel the pain as part of the memory,  but you just hunch your shoulders, tighten your muscles and hold your breath due to a combination muscle memory and fear… you fear that pain.  Once you know it, there’s no joking about it, and the thought of going back there can be absolutely paralyzing.


The pain was so excruciating, it felt like lightning strikes from even the slightest move in the wrong direction.  If you put your right hand on your hip, that little dip where your thumb is resting was the point of origin for the pain and it went straight down my leg.


My primary care doctor just kept handing me pills… 40 mg Oxycontin three times a day, which I kept telling them that they weren’t working, but that was the new miracle drug on the scene then so in their opinion it was about finding the right dosage, no matter how high the dosage or how often it was taken because it couldn’t NOT work; it was a miracle after all, right?
I was given Percocet for breakthrough pain (which was incredibly necessary since it was ALL breakthrough pain!) but still mixed with the Oxycontin I was taking.  Parkinson’s meds for the restless leg caused by a herniated disc,  Klonopin because the pain caused me to be really anxious (go figure) and a host of more pharmaceutical granola, including the 150 mg of Zoloft I was taking twice a day mainly due to the pain meds and my Depo-Provera shots.  I didn’t find out about Depo causing extreme depression until 7 years later.


No one thought to look at my neck even though they all knew what had happened to me in an earlier accident and the damage that was done.  It’s been twenty years and I’m still dealing with the nerve and muscle damage in my neck and left trapezius muscle.  At least now I know if this ever starts up again that the ice pack needs to go on my neck, not on my the back of my hip.

This really reinforces my dislike for allopathic practices, they treat the symptoms, they don’t work towards finding definitive answers regarding causative issues and never work towards curing or helping the body learn to help itself.  Holistic approaches, treating the patient instead of the symptom, homeopathic remedies that take so little to do so much with no side effects, addictions, OD’s, etc.  Considering the opioid problem we’re having in this country you’d think they’d shy away from things that are addictive or that you can OD from.


My gallbladder went rogue a couple of years ago and became my enemy.  It took me a week of pain so severe that I was ready to die. The pain was so severe that it grossly exceeded my natural childbirth.  I had a high fever joined with pain meds which caused me to hallucinate or pass out with horrific nightmares – that included feeling the pain from within the events of the nightmare.  If it was a choice of staying in the bed to die or going down the mile long gravel road that rattled your teeth loose that would cause even more pain, I was ready to die in that bed.

I finally had a brief window where the pain had subsided so I asked my roommate at the time to take me to the ER where they admitted me immediately.  Once the antibiotics started doing their job, the pain subsided as it should have (thank God!) and I didn’t need a whole lot of pain meds.  I asked for a couple Tylenol and was instead given a shot of morphine!  Why?  Because it was easier for the staff.  And again, it was over-medicating instead of dealing with the patient (in this case me) to see what’s going on instead of assuming.  I finally told them then to mark my chart to say that I am allergic to morphine to keep them from doing it again.


Watching that video, all I could think was how much pain I would have been spared, how much time that Kid wouldn’t have been so neglected as a result, and that still throws shadows on our relationship to this day.  How many people could be treated differently, not only with dignity but in partnership with their doctor to actively work together to solve or treat things to achieve the best outcomes for the patients?  I have fibromyalgia and talk to anyone who has it and they can tell you about the disrespect and mistreatment and/or lack of treatment that they have had because of it.

This country needs to stop being grabbed by the  ______  from the pharmaceutical companies that want us on multiple pills so they make multiple sales, and push for treatment because a cure doesn’t help their bottom line in perpetuity.

We need to be seen as patients, not as symptoms.  We’re not a pile of disconnected body parts, we’re all connected, and it means that we shouldn’t be treated as a series of separate body parts.  Maybe then we can return quality of live and work on being a healthier country overall.


We’ll talk again soon, 


Thai-Style Shrimp and Rice

A quick meal that is so amazingly light and delicious. Perfect for a simple weeknight yet elegant enough for guests!

The coconut milk makes it creamy but very light.  I prefer this with jasmine rice and some crusty bread to soak up any remaining broth.  So good!

You’re going to want to plan on making two batches of this… one to try out the recipe and the other to show it off!



  • 2 lbs raw jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 5 green onions, diced
    • separated between white & green
    • reserve half of the green for garnish
  • 1/2 bunch fresh cilantro, diced (1/2 cup)
    • Reserve a couple of tbsp for garnish
  • 5 cloves garlic, finely minced
  • 1/8-1/2 tsp crushed red pepper (to taste)
  • kosher or sea salt to taste
  • 14-1/2 oz can petite diced tomatoes
  • 14 oz can coconut milk
  • 1 red bell pepper, sliced into thin strips (Julienne)
  • 1/2 lime, fresh squeezed or 2 tbsp of lime juice
  • 3 cups steamed rice


  • Put on rice to cook
  • In a medium-sized saucepan, heat oil and add garlic, all of the red pepper and the white onions and only half of the green onion and cilantro.  Saute for about 1 minute.
  • Add tomatoes, coconut milk, and salt.  Simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add shrimp and red peppers; continue to cook 5 minutes.
  • Add lime juice and remove from heat.
  • Put rice in bowls, ladle shrimp and broth over half of the rice and off to the side; garnish with remaining green onions and cilantro.

Makes 6-8 servings


Be Your Own Advocate!!

As little as 40 years ago, it was not considered out of the ordinary for a doctor to treat patients as “less than”, woman especially because we had a society that regarded marriage as ownership.  Their voices were ignored and they were treated as though they were mentally damaged and didn’t have the capacity to understand what they were being told, so the husband did the answering and the ordering.

One where the husband was the one making decisions for his wife, rather than what the woman wanted/needed for herself.  Going back a little further you had instructions on how to behave for your husband and how he may discipline you.  Believe it or not, spanking a wife was somewhat commonplace (and it had nothing to do with 50 Shades, for those wondering.)

My mother and my Great Aunt were both overlooked as their husbands were asked for a medical authorization.  Back then a husband could call the doctor and get test results, find out how their office visit went, etc and make decisions for his wife going forward without the slightest bit of input from the one receiving the care.

Another Great Aunt was taken by her husband (because she wasn’t “allowed” to drive, his rules) to the dentist’s office to get a filling in her tooth.  Her husband asked what condition the rest of them were in, then with that information told the dentist to remove all of her teeth and give her dentures because he didn’t want to be dumping a bunch of money on his wife’s dental care.

Can you imagine being in the dentists’ chair waiting for your tooth to be drilled, only for the doctor to come over and just started pulling her teeth!  She was 25 years old and had absolutely no say in the matter, her husband told him what to do and that was the end of the discussion.

That time is gone.  Thank the gods.


Woman With A 50-Pound Ovarian Cyst Was
Initially Told To Just Lose Weight!!


We also used to be a society where doctors weren’t questioned, much less second-guessed because he was seen as the demi-god of treatment and healing.  My grandmother wound up with chemical burns and needed skin grafting due to a definite case of malpractice …but you didn’t pursue that back then. (This was when the nurses still wore white.)  Frankly, if doctors were all that, there’d be no need for medical insurance.

Thankfully, now we encourage second opinions on major issues or procedures, and especially surgery.  You must be your own advocate, no one else will be.  Remember that you are not at the mercy of your doctor.  He works for you and you pay your premiums to the insurance company so they can pay for your assorted medical needs.

They work for you

I saw the article about this poor woman with the cyst and I flashed back to all those terrible stories.  And of course, if a woman appears to be overweight, then she just needs to get off her butt and do some exercise.  This is something that would have been seen on a simple office ultrasound, but no, she needed to go on a diet.  This woman knew something was wrong with her body, but the doctor dismissed it.

There’s a number of different things that can cause weight gain in a centralized area like that, but he didn’t bother to check for any of those either.  Hell, I have a cousin that was used to her weight fluctuating so she just wore bigger baggy clothes.  That is until she was in so much pain that she thought she would die and they ran her to the ER only to find out it wasn’t her appendix bursting, it was that her water needed to break since she was in active labor.  But the whole time she was being told that she needed to exercise more, that she was getting fat.

The next time you know that something’s wrong with your body and it’s a significant issue and your doctor blows you off, tell him that he needs to prove you wrong, he needs to run the test to see if there is an underlying cause and not just chalking it up to overeating and under-exercising.  You have to stand up for yourself, don’t let them “tell you”, have a conversation with them.  Ask them why they feel that their diagnosis is the best for describing your current health.  Ask if there are any tests that can be done that can confirm or rule out things so you’re not waiting until something gets really bad.

I’m looking at having surgery this fall, my best friend is coming down to go with me to the surgeon’s so he can be my extra eyes and ears.  If you’ve got a friend or relative willing to do that for you, great.  I also used to carry a 3-ring binder with test results and whatnot in it.

Even now I have a small notebook in my TN that I am writing in regularly.  Appointment times & dates, recap the appointment, then I add what comments or questions that I want to address with them on the next visit.  Talk to them as peers, not as a subordinate waiting for the crumbs they throw you.

Have a good day and take it easy.

Maggie ॐ 



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