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Quick Kitty Bedroom

Here lately I haven’t been able to put a bag down without Sophie trying to climb in it.  She’s really been in need of a quiet little space of her own, but I haven’t had the extra finances to purchase one of those cute ones at the store.

Then just the other day I watched a life hack video about making a cat “tent” with wire coat hangers and an old t-shirt but it looked too flimsy for Sophie to use.  She tends to be a very antsy, nervous cat, more so the older she has gotten.  She’s now 11.

So today I took an old t-shirt that was ready to go to that “great laundry basket in the sky” (a.k.a. rag pile) and put it over the box, gathered the back up and fastened it with a safety-pin.


Then I inverted the sleeves to get them out-of-the-way.  I was going to also safety-pin them but they tucked in nicely and it wasn’t necessary.


I put one of my beach towels in the bottom so she has something to curl up with and I can swap it out with another one so I can wash them periodically.  The neck of the t-shirt gives her ample room to climb in and out, but allows the box to retain the warmth that she needs as an older cat, especially in the wintertime.

2 minutes, a re-purposed t-shirt, a cardboard box and a happy cat!  Your turn!  Share your quick crafts!



All Natural Wasp Remover

As most of you who follow me know, I have COPD which is why I’m so passionate about non-chemical ways to do things. Fumes are not my friend.  My sister was a severe asthmatic from birth so we’ve always been mindful about toxins and fumes.

Then today in my email I found a link for a DIY Wasp Remover and I followed it to a YouTube video and I’ve got to say… GENIOUS!

As soon as I go grocery shopping again I will get a big brown paper bag (another great reason to go to Aldi) so I can put this on the front porch where we’ve been getting wasps!

It’s frugal, it’s non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about kids and pets being around chemicals; and you don’t have to worry about getting stung while trying to spray a can of poison!  And no worries about asthma attacks or COPD exacerbation either!




Rainy Days and Mondays

… (or in this case Wednesdays) always get me down.  Or so the song says.


I actually love rainy days.  I worked third shift for years and I still haven’t adjusted to bright daylight it seems.  I love the smell of the rain and the colors that pop on the grass and the trees after a great summer storm.


It’s a great time for naps, reading, meditation and of course reflection …


Or put on those boots and jump in a few puddles, it makes life fun!


Me?  I’m still trying to get the 150 lb dog out from under the desk. 🙂



Please, No Hot Dogs!

No, not these hot dogs… hot-dog-001


THESE hot dogs!


Bestie went to Lowe’s yesterday only to find a dog locked in a pickup truck, parked in the sun.  The outside temp was 88°F.  The window was open less than an inch.  She took pictures of the barely open window, the dog and the license plate while waiting for police for 30 minutes.

Sadly police never arrived before the person climbed in their truck and left (after an ear full from Bestie of course).

Please don’t leave your pet in the car in the heat.  It can take only minutes for them to be in distress!  Please be a good fur baby parent and be kind and if you see this happening, please report it.  It only takes a minute.



Itching for a New Fur Baby

We have a new fur baby here at Creekside Manor!

Drogo & Balor 1
This is Drogo and Balor

He’s a happy “little” guy as you can tell.  His name is Khal Drogo (yes we’re Game of Thrones fans), he’s called Drogo for short.  It’s also double nerd friendly for LOTR fans because Drogo was Frodo’s father’s name.  (And yes, if I could have thrown in a Harry Potter reference I would have.)

Anyway dearest Drogo (or Big Baby as I tend to call him) is afraid of thunder.  So tonight he was intermittently trying to hide under my desk and trying to climb in my lap.


As you can see in the picture, he’s petrified.  Poor baby.  Anyway, I’ve been meaning to share this awesome chart I found for figuring out how much Benadryl to give your dog when needed in case of stings, itching or allergies.

1185967_152574068282819_1438289559_n (1)



w/ Balor & Drogo