No-Nonsense Guide To Street Harassment

I found these amazing infographic the other day while wandering on the web. They are an incredible source of information, please share!

Also a tremendous thanks to the original authors/illustrators, Arlene and Annie Barrow, for their research and all their hard work to create this piece.  Information and awareness keeps people safe and empowered.  Thank  you!













5 thoughts on “No-Nonsense Guide To Street Harassment”

  1. Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned flirting. Why has that suddenly been labeled as ‘street harassment”? If dad never whistled at mom, the conversation may have never taken place and sonny wouldn’t be here. Why attach negative labels to everything? Not everything is a bad thing or meant as a malicious act. Just be nice. Isn’t that your mantra? Attaching labels to harmless acts, and frightening people, isn’t exactly setting a good example for your readers. Unless the act is done with malicious intent ,or clearly intended to harm others, a simple whistle thrown out as a teenage compliment to a pretty lady is not doing anyone any harm, and in fact just might make someone’s day. Someone may need to know that others know they exist on that day. Imitation dog barking is unacceptable. Live life and enjoy it and please stop nitpicking everything.


    1. Reading the post, you saw that I credited the bulk of it to others I am sure. It was not addressing “good old-fashioned flirting” but harrassment. If you do not or have not encountered this type of behaviors then congratulations, that’s awesome! But the for those who have and don’t know how to handle it, they should get this information. I’m sorry if you feel as though I am “nitpicking everything”, The intent of this post is share information to those who may need it. Have a great day.


  2. “None” (July 9 2014) is right on target on this thread. As a strong, highly committed feminist, I’ve noted that those who have highjacked Women’s Studies podiums and literature do not, in fact, see any difference between flirting and harassment–nor do they desire to make such a distinction, given that expressions of heterosexual attraction have been condemned and sentenced as vile vestiges of the oppressive Patriarchy.
    That’s why compliments in the public spaces have grown rare, as men instead retreat to the strip joints and brothels, where women, seizing a market opportunity, pretend to extend a “welcome” mat that’s on a whole other level, and where the “rules” for men’s behavior are a lot more clear.
    Lesbian academic and writer, Camille Paglia, is one of the exceedingly few prominent Feminist spokespersons who has anything valid or articulate to say on the sexual play that characterizes (–or should–) the interaction between the genders in a heterosexual context. Paglia gets it.
    Meanwhile the grim Women’s Studies contingent ironically pride themselves on stringently defining and restricting male and female roles.
    Taking the fun out of gender relations is not what I think their First Wave Feminist grandmothers had in mind.


    1. While I would agree that this is not what our “First Wave Feminist Grandmothers” had in mind, I also don’t think they foresaw modern society and the changes that have come with it. Just the concept of things like date rape sounds like something out of a novel, not a newspaper. There is room for banter an flirtation, this is not what this graphic addresses. Frankly I don’t know a woman over the age of 35 that hasn’t dealt with some level of sexual harassment or gender discrimination. Everything is not black and white of course and each situation varies by the participants, locations, etc., it still is best to be informed and aware.


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