Perspective is Everything



Today my truck blew a tire while Bestie (my friend and roommate) was driving it.  It was a front tire, which on these sprawling country back roads could have been a recipe for disaster.  She didn’t lose control and was not hurt.

When she called her boss to say she would be late, he came to change the tire for her only to find out that my spare was damaged. While she was waiting a gentleman stopped to help.   Even though she and her boss had to get to work, the gentleman offered to go get a tire and put it on the truck while she was at work, letting her know she could pay him back when we have the money!

The gentleman was a local pastor and he had given her his business card, she in turn gave him her work number.  He called her later when the task was completed, apologizing because he could only get a new tire and it was (only) $50!

In the meantime, Handy Husband’s car blew a belt.  Because he had the money I gave him to pick up pizza, he had enough on him to purchase what he needed to make the necessary repairs.   So he and the co-worker he gives a ride weren’t stuck an hour away.

It was a really great day when you think about it…  How’s your day going?




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