Taking a Day Off

As I’ve mentioned in several posts, I have COPD (among other issues) which can be problematic by itself but sometimes the meds can be just as bad.  Breathing treatments sometimes leave me with the shakes, excessively tired or just not able to think but wide awake.

Last night I felt really bad and after a couple of breathing treatments I went to bed for 16 straight hours.  I planned on running errands today but after another breathing treatment I couldn’t think and had no business getting behind the wheel of a car.  Needless to say, going back to bed is the last thing I wanted to do, but since I wasn’t capable to doing much else I needed to figure out what to do.

As you can tell, my to do lists have to be very flexible and I can no longer leave things to the last minute because I can’t predict how I will be feeling.  I’m not much of a tv watcher but sometimes this is the best time to zone out in front of the tube because you can’t get a whole lot done.

I’ve been craft painting with acrylic for about 15 years but now I’m trying to do more with canvas.  I love painting and honestly it’s best to do when I can’t think.  It’s too easy to overthink what I’m doing or be really critical of myself.  The best part is that if I don’t like it I can just paint over it again.

2014-04-12 16.44.38 (2)


I picked out a “how to” video on youtube that I had bookmarked, turned off the sound to the instructor and turned up my music (Pandora – acoustic folk – my favorite to paint or read to).  I just followed along with what she did, pausing when I needed to.  I’d never done flowers before so it was something new for me.

This canvas originally started out as a night scene but I couldn’t get the shading right and put it away.  It’s been sitting for about a month or so, waiting for me to be in the mood again.  So today I covered it in white gesso and started again.

Here are my other two paintings that I’m very proud of.

Elephant Sunset - Unframed1



One of the besties found a how to video on YouTube and did a painting class with her kids one weekend and they did fabulously!  I like getting the canvas panels rather than the stretched canvas.  They are so much cheaper and they are easier to frame.



Even those cute sayings you see on Facebook memes can make your house more fun with just a little paint!

Painting is frugal and can go anywhere with you…. camping, the beach or just the backyard when you want some fresh air.  You can be fully set up with materials for less than $20, there’s a ton of instruction on the internet and you can paint almost anything with acrylic.

This is my latest.
This is my latest.

If you’re not so mobile (like me), painting can be done standing, sitting or even in bed or while I’m doing a breathing treatment.

I hope you give it a try and remember it’s all about enjoying yourself.  Post a picture of your favorite projects to do.



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