Why It Happened: The Truth About Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding

Important information to know – I have dealt with bleeding disorders my whole life and know the importance of vitamin k in everyday life, but in childbirth its very, very necessary. – Please share and inform. – {{{hugs}}} Maggie

C'est Si Bon

Go here for Olive’s story: Part 1 and Part 2

This may be the hardest part of Olive’s story that I will write. The part where I admit that what happened to her was nearly 100% preventable. And yet it happened.

It happened because she didn’t receive her dose of Vitamin K when she was born.

I spent the first few days that she was in the hospital blaming myself. I ran through the situation in my mind, trying to understand why I would say “No” to something that would keep my daughter from being in this much pain. In Olive’s situation, unfortunately, it was largely accidental. That didn’t stop me from feeling guilty, however, and only recently did I accept that although this happened to Olive, it doesn’t have to happen to another person’s baby.

As you may know, Olive was born in a birth center. I…

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