Love and Respect All of Your Family

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Bring Dogs Inside

There is nothing more selfless than the love of a dog.  I say this to you now as a 2 cat owner.  I have been around dogs all my life and have owned or lived with one or more since I was 12 years old.  My parents used to raise, train and show German Shepherds and for a few years I was a professional obedience instructor. Needless to say I’ve had more than a few dogs in my life.

I love my cats, and they are my babies, but the “relationship” if you will has a totally different dynamic than that of a dog. Dogs are pack animals, when you bring them into your “pack” (a.k.a. family) they are there for life.  Their loyalty knows no bounds… as long as you treat them with the same respect of being a member of your family.  Dogs do not need to be trained to protect you, your family or your possessions anymore than anyone else in your home does.  They do it automatically out of loyalty and love.

Balor & Bonna

I’ve got a furry guy at home that isn’t even mine, but he’s adopted me just the same.  Why?  Because I moved in with his pack. When I’m not feeling well he knows it and looks after me.  Even when his parents are home he’ll come in and check on me periodically or even choose to climb in bed and take a nap with me.   We take care of him and he takes care of us.. because that’s what you do in a family.

Dog 10 Commandments

During these colder months, please take extra care with your furry family members and treat them as you would treat one of your own… because they are. That being said, please also keep an eye out for other animals that are not part of your home.  Sadly not everyone who owns an animal knows or wants to properly treat an animal.  Just like in cases of child abuse, we need to speak up for those with no voice.

The Detroit Animal Welfare Group have been doing daily sweeps in this harsh weather to get strays off the streets.  The picture below is a dog they found… crated and left behind an abandoned house.  This dog didn’t stand a chance to find food or shelter being in that crate.  Any of the neighbors could have called the police to get that animal taken care of without having to go near it.


Whether we’re talking about homeless people or pets, this weather is too harsh to be outside.  Please keep an eye out and offer a kindness when you can. Please consider donating time, supplies or a few dollars to help.

If you have a roof overhead, warmth and food on your table (or food bowl) and the love of your family – fur babies included – give them a big hug and a moment of thanks and appreciation;  know that you are truly blessed.



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