Migraine Relief – Take It With A Grain of Salt!


I’ve been dealing with a pesky virus for the past two weeks.  Not enough to really make me sick, just enough to make me feel unwell.  Since I work at home it wasn’t nearly what it could have been since I’m not going in and out of the weather daily or around other people picking up other viruses and such.

Anyway, everything went crazy for me two days ago.  I spiked a fever, went into a coughing fit (I have COPD, not a surprise) and it was game on… migraine city.  I was a mess.  I haven’t had one in years thankfully and if it’s my last one ever, I will be blessed!

Due to the mess I was in, I wasn’t up to looking up alternative remedies at the time but wanted to arm myself should I have another one.  So here I am, sitting at the computer doing research… looking at various herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies.

I find the usuals:

  • Herbal ~ fresh feverfew leaves
  • Essential Oil ~ peppermint
  • Nutritional ~ Magnesium (indicating possible deficiency or temporary dietary change), caffeine
  • Physical ~ massage, reflexology (both as a massage option or for essential oil placement)
  • Homeopathic ~ Belladonna, Nux Vomica

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Along with some new ones like…

  • An ice pack on the head while sitting in a hot bath
  • Putting sliced potatoes across your forehead
  • Rubbing your forehead with a fresh cut lime

As I was going through the many options though, one caught me off-guard.  Salt.  Indicative of a possible deficiency or temporary deficit of sodium.  Sodium, that thing that we try to cut at every opportunity.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big salt person.  I never really have been.  On the rare occasion I eat potato chips, I look for the ones with the lowest salt.. not for dietary purposes but because they just don’t taste good to me.   I try to get healthy, not a lot of processed foods and I don’t use a lot of salt in my cooking.

That being said, I’ve moved in with a couple of friends of mine and they don’t cook like I do.  They use more salt and more processed foods than I usually do.  As such my sodium  intake has increased.  Well that is until I got sick.  My appetite really hasn’t been normal.  I’ve only been eating once or twice a day, and only my cooking, making for a sudden drop in sodium level… combined with the fever and the coughing fit, it makes perfect sense.

A conclusion that I never would have come to without outside influences.   After all we’ve all seen the coffee and Mountain Dew junkies cut back and suffer mercilessly from the drop in caffeine. It’s the same concept.

Should I have another migraine I will try this one out, hoping not to have to try it out of course.  I will be more mindful of the little things in my diet as well… magnesium, sodium, etc.

What migraine remedies have worked for you?



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