Do You Have Room?

You can make a difference


This is a little off topic for this website.. I talk about Simple Living and I want to take this opportunity to talk about those who are living complicated… not through any choices of their own but by the life choices that were made for them.  I’m talking about children, particularly those in foster care.

I just read an amazing article in the Naples (FL) News about a young man of 15 who took it upon himself to go to church so that he could advertise himself as available for adoption.  I’m going to say that again… he was advertising for a home and family because he has none.  Let that resonate for a moment.

When I was 15 I was begging for an upcoming drivers license and hinting about how my mom should get a new car so that I could have hers.   While I argued with my folks and still have issues with some of their parenting methods (taught to them by their parents)  I just can not fathom having to solicit myself for adoption.  Can you?  I applaud his effort and yet I’m devastated by it.  He’s 15….  15.  What were you doing at 15?  How many homes had you had?

This country has been in a foster care crisis for quite a while, too many kids and not enough homes with families.  Kids are shuffled from home to home without ever knowing if it’s going to be the same place they’ll be staying tomorrow or next week or next month.  I have a friend that was abused in the foster care system and another that worked in a group home facility where the kids were more or less jailed and warehoused.

He’s gone 15 years to work up the nerve to do this.  Why did he have to?  What about the 12 or the 8 or the 4 year olds?  The ones that are incapable of being proactive in this process to move them into loving, stable homes.  They didn’t ask to be here, shuffled from foster home to foster home, but yet they are and as we all know, the older they get the less likely they are of being adopted.

Here’s the link to that amazing article.  Davion, the young man of this story had only two families take an interest at the time of publication.  I do hope that since his story has spread across the internet someone has found him through their hearts.  Maybe you’ll find him through the compass of your heart.

Sadly while my heart has room for more children, my body is not capable of taking care of them.  If I could be Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, I would be.  So now I will do what I can to get Davion’s story out to others that may hear it, to help him and his other foster brothers and sisters find their permanent place in their own lives.

If you’re interested in finding out more about foster care and adoption please visit


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